I love desserts.

I love the creative process that takes place when you decide to tackle a slightly-challenging recipe you may not have attempted before, or relaxing by making your favourite chocolate chip recipe that comes out oh-so-good every time. I love sharing food that I’ve made whether I’m bringing it in for a potluck, birthday, bake sale fundraiser or even just a regular Monday at the office – just because. I love seeing people enjoy the little creative details or the joy they get from indulging on a delicious morsel that you decided to put together because of a recipe that inspired you on Pinterest.

If you enjoy baking, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find tried and tested recipes of your favorite desserts (you know, the kind of dessert that strikes you as amazing while you are scrolling your Instagram or Pinterest feed which you save and HAVE to learn how to replicate or make your own!).

Everything I’ve ever learned about baking has come from reading, researching, tinkering, and adjusting recipes (much like you!) and everything I’ve ever found helpful will be found in the recipes posted on anniebakes.co.

My interest in baking started when I was old enough to help out in the kitchen. My mom would grab this ancient cookbook from Vietnam, all recipes in Vietnamese of course and carefully follow the recipe.. with her own modifications of course. I continued to be a handy helper with my cousin Lynne who loves baking cupcakes for friends, family and extra-curricular bake sale events. Eventually I started baking on my own and started sharing my own creations using a brand new SLR camera I had purchased on a Black Friday Sale in 2013.

I started posting more of my baking photos with my new cameras. With those posts, I couldn’t help but give context and tell stories  – like how I had to beat egg whites into those “stiff peaks” required for a good meringue for 45 minutes because I didn’t own a hand mixer (which incidentally only takes 7 minutes). Or my new discovery of “chocolate ganache” how its used as both a filling AND icing.  

I’m the type of person that doesn’t realize they have a knack for something unless a LOT of people from different facets of my life (work, hobbies, friends, family, etc.)  tell me so.

This just happened with baking. Some acquaintances who had seen my posts on Facebook had assumed I had learned everything from a formal course, or pastry school. Although flattered, I explained that everything I had done was from my own kitchen. Friends and family had even started approaching me to bake cakes for their special events, whether a mother’s birthday, or their baby shower!

Me with my cousin Lynne – who inspired me to start baking!

My former roommate whom I lived with from 2013 to 2014 – Agrima, would see me photograph my cake creations for a DIY site I had joined called Snapguide. I remember making my 5-layer rainbow cake, she had exclaimed to me, “I’ve never seen a cake like that!” In one of many heart-to-heart discussions, she encouraged me to start something. I’ve also always been involved with web, graphic design, digital photography and freelance projects for other organizations.  Food blogging seemed a natural step. I opted to try starting a blog on a free hosted website, and eventually switched to a paid, hosted site and my own domain.

Crazy, right?

Apart from that, I live with my partner Carlos who serves as my volunteer taste tester and occasional baking assistant! My bunny Charlie who provides moral support and stress relief. I love my day job, and my co-workers are completely aware of my baking obsession, so much to the point that they have purchased me bakeware and gift cards for pastry classes!

My hope is to continue to expand my knowledge, take courses, and share what I learn along the way in hopes it will benefit someone who is also looking to improve with practice.

A buttercream cake I made and decorated myself for my birthday, and transported myself (walking in snow!) to the restaurant.

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