This was a relatively easy DIY unicorn cake! I made this for a baby shower as per the mother’s request, (“It’s a Girl!”). This party was for 32 people, and involved several tiers of an 8 inch cake. The cake was a big hit! This was adapted from Craftsy’s Unicorn cake.

This cake was a project that took place over several days. So give yourself a lot of time and be sure to read over the instructions before you get started. I encourage you to also watch a few “Unicorn cake” videos and decide which components you’d like to incorporate into your own cake.


  • Cake – Multiple layers of a 6 inch diameter cake
  • Icing – White Buttercream to ice between layers & ice around the cake. I required approximately 4.5 cups of buttercream total just to ice the cake alone.
  • For the Unicorn “hair”
    • Pink buttercream
    • 1M Wilton tip
    • Sprinkles (of your choice). I had gold, white and rainbow stars.
    • Cookies, Pieces of White Chocolate and/or Macarons
  • For the horn
    • White Fondant (if you want a more vibrant/metallic look, go with yellow fondant).
    • Two long wooden skewers
    • “Gold Paint” for the Horn: A few drops of vodka + edible gold shimmering glitter
  • For the ears 
    • White Fondant
    • Pastel Pink or Blue Fondant
    • Two heart or leaf cookie cutters, one large, one small
    • Empty Egg Carton
  • For the eyes: 
    • Black fondant, OR black icing, OR black writing gel (edible)

Step 1 – Bake and Ice your cake!

You can really choose any cake you like – vanilla, chocolate, red velvet. The options are endless. The mother of this cake opted with a Chinese-style bakery chiffon chocolate cake, which is fluffy and less sweet than cakes you’d find in most western bakeries. I opted with a Swiss Meringue Buttercream since this is less sweet, but this version is more stable.

Step 2 – Make & Paint the Fondant Unicorn Horn

Creating the horn – Create the fondant horn by creating two long tapered “rods” of fondant. I then twisted one around the other to create a “rope”. I cut off any excess fondant at the bottom and ensured the top was pointy. I then stuck two skewers into the bottom of the horn. Fondant sticks to itself if you use water. So I took a light brush and brushed water in the crevices between the spirals.

Dry the horn overnight – I used a large harry potter book to secure the horn by the skewers and keep it upright while it hardened overnight.

Create the glitter – Combine a few drops of vodka, and some edible gold glitter in a small bowl or shot glass. Mix well.

Paint on the gold glitter – using a small brush, gently paint your fondant horn.

Step 3 – Make the Unicorn Ears

Use heart cookie cutters to cut out the ears – You’ll need two heart shaped cookie cutters, one large, and one slightly smaller. Roll out your fondant and use the large heart cookie cutter to cut the outer ear, then set aside. Next, roll out the pink (or blue, or yellow) fondant that you are going to use for the inner part of the ear.

Stick the hearts together – Use water to wet the back of the smaller heart to stick it to the large white fondant heart.

Round out the ears – Next pinch the bottom of the ears and place in egg carts to hold its “curved” shape over night.

Step 4 – Place the horn and ears

The horn goes into the CENTER of the cake, whereas the ears will go on either side.

Step 5 – Pipe the Unicorn Hair

Pipe the Unicorn Hair – Using a 1M Wilton Tip, pipe rosettes in a circular motion. over the top, front (for bangs) and to the side. You can make them different sizes but ensure your roses are swirled in one direction.

Add sprinkles & cookies – Next to add some character, add your sprinkles. I opted to use white and gold sprinkles, with rainbow stars.

Step 6 – Pipe the Eyes

You can either use black icing with round tip, black fondant or black icing gel. Unfortunately black fondant is difficult to make from white fondant, and the quantities that they sold in stores was too much for me to use. So I opted to buy a small tube of black colouring gel for cakes and carefully drew symmetric eyes.

Tip – Transporting your Cake

We had to drive the cake to northeast of the city, which included highway and changing speeds and making some turns.

What I enjoyed a lot about this cake was seeing the reactions of mom and dad when we brought this into the baby shower. They absolutely loved it! Cutting is a bit challenging, as you would have to cut the cake slightly in half horizontally first, and then proceed to cut slices (instead of one tall, thin slice, which is challenging to fit on a plate!).

Other friends had made suggestions to me, such as wrapping the fondant around an ice cream cone, which also seemed to be a good idea! This is a fun cake, however you certainly need to give yourself a lot of time to put it all together.

See some pictures of the cake at the party!:

March 6, 2017


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